Pruning makes it grow and bloom!

Those who love roses should have no fear of pruning.

After winter, around late February early March, roses should be pruned back vigorously.
In this way, you rejuvenate the rose and ensure that new vigorous branches grow from the oculation.
You basically leave two eyes, these are the red points that appear on the branches in early spring.
In practice, this means pruning the branches back to 4 to 5 cm above the earth (see photos).


All large-flowered roses

This basically applies to large-flowered roses, spray roses and miniature roses.
Standard roses are pruned identically to shrub roses, so also leave two eyes (see photo).

Shrub roses and Botanical roses

Shrub roses and botanical roses do not need to be pruned back in principle, as they bloom on the perennial wood. If these roses become too large, you may of course prune them back to any height you wish.

Climbing roses

For climbing roses, tether the young branches and prune back the side shoots on these branches to two eyes. Also, all branches that are too thin and crooked may be removed in their entirety. This way you will keep a healthy climbing rose that also rejuvenates itself from below and makes flowers along the entire length of the branches.

Care of the roses

When pruning, use sharp pruning shears. In this way you will get a vigorous and healthy rose every year.

In early spring you may fertilize the rose with organic fertilizer
(cow manure (grain)/horse manure) and when the rose is in full leaf, fertilize with rose fertilizer. After the first bloom, cut the roses back by half and fertilize again with rose fertilizer.

Pruning makes it bloom and grow, don’t be too careful here
and you will enjoy the Queen of Flowers for a long time to come!

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