Shrub Roses

Shrub roses are in fact the larger version of the continually blooming large flowered rose and bunch rose. They have a bushy, wide, upward growing manner with light arching branches and mostly reach a height of 200 cm. Depending on their offspring, they are very similar to large flowered roses and there are varieties that bloom as bunch roses, but they are all blooming continuously. Shrub roses are applied in high beddings, in groups of three, as solitary shrub or as an impenetrable hedge.

The planting distance is dependent on the use and individual growing power. The planting distance is generally 60 to100 cm. Most varieties are at their best if they are planted in groups of three with a mutual planting distance of about 50 cm. The roses form in this manner a dense bush that flowers more regular and richer, which has a larger impact on the border.

The prices in our webshop relate to bare root roses.

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