Grootbloemige rozen

Large Flowered Roses

The Hybrid tea and the large-flowered Floribunda roses together form the group “Large flowered Roses”. The large, full flowers often stand alone, or sometimes grow with a few others in clusters on sturdy stems and are really suitable as cut roses. Also the nice flower shape and regular strong scent contributes to the popularity of this group. Large flowered roses bloom all summer till late autumn, with short flowering periods. The height is essentially determined by the method of pruning, condition of the soil, variety and the climate and varies between 70 and 120 cm.

Their beauty comes from the individual flower and not from the total impact of the flower bedding. Large flowered roses are at their best in small groups and flower beddings, but can also be applied as a solitary bush. The planting distance is about 45 cm or 6 roses per square meter, depending on the use and growing power of the variety.

The prices in our webshop relate to bare root roses.

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