XXL-Climbing roses in pot

We have compiled a nice selection from our range of well-rooted climbing and rambler roses that you can have delivered by post if you are not in the opportunity to visit our beautiful rose sales center Rosarium Lottum.
Our XXL-climbing roses and rambler roses are grown in 10 or 5L pots and have a good root system and a decent length of 130 to 180 cm depending on the type, so that a rose arch, pergola, trellis, obelisk or wall quickly covered with beautiful roses.
If you would like to have these roses sent to you, the XXL Rambler roses will be packaged and sent per piece due to the large pot size and length. Please note that if you want to send more than one rose in a pot, you may have to pay twice the shipping costs (depending on the volume of the order).
PostNL also charges a surcharge per package if the package is larger than 100 cm and if flowers and potted plants are sent. This will be calculated on the invoice which you will receive from us by email.

Climbing roses thrive best in places where the sun shines. There are species that grow in semi-shade and species that climb north walls.Climbing roses come in many varieties and types: large-flowered, small-flowered, single-flowered and remonstrant. Climbing roses are used to cover pergolas, climbing frames, rose arches, walls and fences. Planting spacing is determined by the application and vigor of the species in question and is 1 to 2 feet.

Ramblers are very vigorously growing climbing roses, which form creeping, long, very pliant branches and often display a sea of flowers only once a year with huge clusters, countless small flowers.
Ramblers can be used to cover pergolas, walls, unsightly buildings, but also as a ground cover or tree climbing rose.
Our XXL climbing roses and rambler roses are grown in 10 L pot and have a good rooted root ball and a decent length so that a rose arch, pergola, trellis, obelisk or wall will soon be covered with beautiful roses.

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