Pavement en Rugosa rozen

Pavement & Rugosa Roses

Rosa rugosa roses (also called Rimpelos) can be recognized by their wrinkled leaves and fairly large to medium-sized single flowers with a strong fragrance that later turn into beautiful edible hips. Rugosa roses have a fairly bushy upright habit with strong thorny branches. This type of rose also grows and blooms well in less good soil types and is therefore often found in the dunes where they look good on sandy soils.

Rugosa roses are low maintenance, have excellent disease resistance and can withstand drought well.

The Pavement® roses are low-growing crosses of Rugosa Hybrids with semi-double flowers. The flowers have a wonderful rose fragrance, bloom long, develop a beautiful hips and the foliage has a beautiful autumn color.

The application of Pavement® roses has been proven for many years due to its excellent resistance to disease, salt and drought.

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