Eyecatcher, new rose with eye!

Elegant eye-catcher for garden, terrace and balcony

There is a new, spectacular garden rose: Rosa ‘Babylon Eyes’. This compact, single-flowered shrub rose is characterized by rich blooms and a striking ‘eye’ in a contrasting color. The flower is looking at you, as it were! The new rose is available with red, light pink, dark pink or orange flowers and suitable for both garden and balcony and terrace in pot or container. Because of its compact shape, Babylon Eyes is also very suitable for hanging baskets.



The strong Babylon Eyes shrub rose is self-cleaning. That means no more picking time spent on the flowers to extend the bloom. Under its own power, new flowers appear continuously well into the fall. Babylon Eyes is also attractive to butterflies and bees. Because the flower is wide open, they can easily suck up nectar.

Each year bloom

The new garden rose grows to about 40 inches tall and likes a spot in the sun. Babylon Eyes is very suitable for the Dutch climate. When given a spot in the open ground, this rose will withstand moderate frosts. Babylon Eyes blooms every year!


Use rose soil when planting Babylon Eyes. The roots can continue to develop optimally, resulting in an extra healthy and strong plant. * Plant Babylon Eyes in terracotta pots so they can breathe sufficiently and excess (pouring) water can evaporate more quickly. * Rose food will make Babylon Eyes bloom even more abundantly.
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