Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are at their best on places where the sun shines. There are varieties that grow in half-shade and varieties that climb upon the north-face. Climbing roses come in many varieties and types: large flowering, small flowering, single flowering and twice bearers. Climbing roses are used to cover pergolas, climbing racks, rose-arcs, walls and fencing. The planting distance is 1 to 2 meters, depending on the use and growing power of the variety.
The prices in our webshop relate to bare root roses.

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  • Alchymist Klimroos
  • Aloha Klimroos
  • Amadeus Klimroos
  • Golden Gate Klimroos
  • Guirlande Klimroos
  • Indigoletta Klimroos
  • Mini Edem Klimroos
  • Moonlight Klimroos
  • Red Flame Klimroos
  • Rosenholm Klimroos
  • Uetersen Klosterrose Klimroos